Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Bundle of Joy

Somebody left a bundle on our doorstep! So it's not the typical bundle with a crocheted blanket and a pacifier, but this I can handle! There was no note, no nothing, just a bag of maybe 100 spools of thread. I love this kind of mystery! This is how I think it will wind up:
"Hey, did you get the thread?"
"What thread?
"The bag I left on your doorstep about a month ago. I hadn't heard from you--"
"Oh, that was from you? I was wondering..."
"I told you I'd drop it off. I sent you an email, called you, told you in person, and mailed a card."
"Oh. " Long pause coupled with blank look. "Thank you!"


Chiloe said...

Better spools of threads than a real baby !!! lol Not a long time ago, I won a little gift on a blog I really like. I said thank you , gave my address and then completly forgot about it until , the lady tells me: the gift is ready to be sent ( I thought : what gift? lol )

Sarah Nopp said...

I think you got the better deal. Babies just drool and poop and cry and break your heart when they leave you (I have heard).
But a basket of thread is as yummy as the puzzle piece that Curious George ate!

Bliss said...

How wonderful! Tho I wouldn't have minded the usual variety either (says she who is safely way past that stage in life - no one would leave me THAT sorta bundle. I'm too scary these days)