Monday, June 9, 2008

The Middle is Always the Biggest Part!

The I-Spy blocks were made by entrants in a block lotto. I now present a list of the participants:
  • Julie, NE
  • Nell, VA
  • Sue, AZ
  • Sandy G.
  • Silvia, LA
  • Pat, CA
  • Myna B.
  • Bonnie, IN
  • Lee Ann, UT
  • Judy S.
  • Amy B.
  • Laura, GA
  • Michelle, OK
  • Kristi, MS
  • Stacey S.
  • me
Thanks, girls! It still has a ways to go, but it's looking good.

Speaking of which, take a look at the knitted dress! If you look real close, you can see that I just started shaping the armholes. I haven't that much more before I can, uh, start all over and do the whole thing again for the front. (sigh)The red thread continues to progress. You'll have to take my word that I finished May's block in May. A maypole--gotta love it! Here's what the whole piece looks like now:


Candace said...

It is interesting to see all the places your quilt has come from, and I like the dress very much, but the maypole takes me back to my childhood. You don't hear much about them anymore, and the whole piece looks great.

MyDarlingGirl said...

Whoa, i love that one...that is SO creative.