Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Knitter's Paradise

So I've been knitting a lot lately. I finished the back of the basketweave dress for DD and began the front. Of course, it's exactly the same pattern, so maybe I finished the front. Hmm...
Also, I finally cast on the second sock in my Multicolored Sock project. See it there on the right? When I was working on it, another knitter--Gillian--was surprised by the tiny size 0 needles I'm using. They're just a little bigger than wooden toothpicks. She asked, "Do they actually sell those?"

I replied, "Oh, they give them away in restaurants after every meal!"

My new plaything: Ravelry. It's an online site that connects knitters and crocheters, patterns, and their "stashes." I went through most of my yarn, photographed it, and catalogued it. Also, I have a listing of my books and magazines. From this site, I can click any pattern I own or want to own and see how other knitters did with it. Very cool.

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