Friday, August 22, 2008

Listening to: "On the Sunny Side of the Street"

Whoa. I begin to realize that I'm not just blogging for me. I love being part of the online crafting community! Valerie asked that my "Way Too Many Projects" section be converted to something clickable. I put it off because it seemed like a real time commitment. It wasn't. But I had to think it through. So feel free to click away, kids!
I sat in the window this morning and sewed on the binding for "On the Riverbank," below. You can see I'm almost halfway done. I provided a pic of the front, because it's honestly more interesting. And during another "Escape From the House," I went to see "House Bunny." As the socks are doable without any attention (PLEASE don't say boring--I'm trying not to think it... Oh, now you've done it), I knitted through the flicker. It was just what I had hoped: innocently crass and even a little charming. So I've completed the gusset on sock #2. (Click for the definition of a gusset) So I'll call 'em 60% done on my ravelry page.
And here's the first pic of Sleeves Without a Sweater. Okay, Sleeve Without a Sweater. It's pretty basic: stockinette in the round until the last six rows where I'll put some ribbing.
Liberty Bears got a little attention, too. I added some backstitching to the bears. All that's left is the numbers and finishing. I think I may finish it soft. What I mean is that I'll make it into a mini-quilt for the wall. Border, back, binding, and some kind of stiff batting to help it keep its shape. I'm thinking of sewing two little rings on the back for hanging it up. Has anyone done that? I'd appreciate any tips on the subject.

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Linda said...

"On the Riverbank" is beautiful! Great job!