Monday, August 11, 2008

Three for the Price of One!

Four, actually. I participated in a quilt block swap back in November. Most of the blocks I kept, but I sent out and received back quite a few. The total number of these 8.5" Double Four-Patch blocks is
Well, I thought that would make a nice bed size quilt. That was before I thought about finishing a nice bed size quilt. Molly's a normal-sized machine and a muscular quilter might fit a twin sized quilt in there, but a queen: no way! So I pulled out the most masculine 30 and made a quilt for my dad a few months ago. (No, I don't have a picture.) That left
I put them away for a while until I could figure out what to do with 'em. So Thursday night, when everything was going wrong, I pulled 'em out to see what could be done. You quilters know that multiplication comes into creating a layout. 5 blocks x 6 blocks makes a 30 block quilt, 4 blocks x 5 blocks makes a 20 block quilt and so on. Well, I started laying 'em out and noticed that many of the blocks I made had a brick-red color going on, so I put 'em together. Turns out there were 20. Here's the layout:
That left
That was when I noticed some were softer colors, so I put them together. And there were just 20. That's another 4 x 5 quilt.
So then I had a few leftover:
Well, you probably know that's a prime number and unless I want a quilt that's 1 block by 17 blocks, I'd have to do something else. So I pulled one out. And I was left with a group of bolder, saturated colors.
So now I have one leftover and 3 quilts to finish. I already have the fabric for borders, binding, and backs. What does that mean? I gotta get back to work.

PS: This is what's left of the binding for my second Christmas scrap quilt. I need a name! The first one was called "The Economics of Christmas", because everything was free except of course my time. I'd like to keep it in that vein: a subtle reminder that a person doesn't have to spend to have something nice.

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Sweet P said...

Isn't it fun to play with blocks like that? I love how many quilts you came up with while sorting through the blocks. Great job!