Friday, November 21, 2008

Bees and Herring!

The Red Herring Purse has been embellished! I used a green/pink ribbon (Colinette Giotto pictured at right) to embroider and just kind of meandered. If you look closely, you'll see bees flying around. (They're just pinned in place, but they'll be sewn down soon.) These are buttons from Susan Clark Originals. I was digging around, looking for the pearls in the little bag, when I ran across the buttons. I must have bought them five years ago but I think they're just right!
Warm Fuzzies!

And while this may look like a dress for Barbie's merengue dance, it's really another fingerless mitt. This time I changed the pattern a little. When I finish the pair, I'll show you a better picture.

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Sarah Nopp said...

I love this surface embellishment. I so want to do more of that. I just bought a great book beading on quilts by a woman who came to my Weaving guild. Have you heard of Larkin Van Horn? Here is her site: