Monday, November 24, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?

So, we're travellin'. It's been a long car ride and some quiet time in the rooms, so I've been able to make a little progress on "In a Garden." But I have to be extra careful as trail dust is common and my hands get stained from my riding gloves. As we're doing a cowboy trip, out here in Tuscon, I think I should have brought my American Indian piece, Dream Dancer. (pictured here--scroll down.) But that's okay. I'm getting some of the blah grey part done. It's not blah once it's in there, but working with five different greys? (sigh)
I kinda want to work from the inside out and, as the fountain is the focal point, that's where I'm working. But now and then, I have to use an actual color and I work on the bricks or the leaves.
To read more about our travels, go to Those Wacky Sniders, my travel blog.

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