Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spot the Semicolons

Yes! The knitting for the Red Herring Purse is finished! And I used almost exactly two (of the three) skeins purchased. So, let's see, what's left:
  1. Weave in ends
  2. Wet and block it
  3. Embroider the flowers
  4. Add interfacing to handles
  5. Add dowels (or chopsticks--they're free!)
  6. Sew up the sides

As you can see, the second skein has just a few yards left; I think that will be enough to seam it up. Cooliyo! (Did you notice the sophisticated use of the semicolon? I did.)

And the Red Thread Project: November (that's No-Remember in Anthony-speak) has been completed. I suppose Canadians could switch the October and November blocks as their Thanksgiving falls earlier. I was naughty and used a different grey for the platter because I ran out of the color that was called for. I'm trying to get better about using my available resources. So maybe that wasn't naughty; maybe it was admirable. Fanfare here. (Or maybe it was lazy: don't tell anyone, but I just didn't want to go to the store!)

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