Monday, April 6, 2009

Words Not Good. Pictures Better.

Not communicate thing. Brain fuzz. No drugs. Just... fuzz. Mile-a-Minute blocks. Tiny liked it. Good. Named "Shout" when brain was working.Had one skein of this super-bulky yarn. Tried the Unoriginal Hat pattern.
Ran out of yarn. Looks like a brain.

Big needles got stuck. Unscrewed tips and pulled 'em out. Not completely dmub.
Score from stash party. (Not the bear.)

More score.

I think I already put this picture up. Griffindor arms.
Soy-Lent Green socks. Some progress.

Sweater Workshop sampler piece. Looks like a Fish Cozy. With elbow patches.

1 comment:

KZK said...

LOVE the mile-a-minute quilt! Great job!
Your knitting is great - that art is beyond my grasp. :)