Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Cream!

This is how I hope I look to strangers. Somebody peaceful, knitting serenity into life. Not that crazy lady, spending 20 hours making a blessed sock!
I've been out to La Jolla. I figure I live so close, I may as well enjoy it. If you look to the right in the frame, you can just make out a surfer that I was watching. He had a couple of good rides, standing for about five seconds per. It was so pretty and so peaceful and, for once, this little palisade was clean of birdie, um, attention.
On the home front, I finally got the motivation to finish Funky Frogs of Looove. I made the label and sewed it on. Yes, that's all it took to finish it.Is that why it's been languishing unfinished? I hear you ask. Ahem. Um. I, uh, I... think I hear the ice cream man. Who's up for ice cream?

1 comment:

Chiloe said...

Ice cream? I'm here (after some hours in an airplane ! lol )

Beautiful finish ;-)

Knitting at the beach? Cool odea !!!