Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stash Enhancement

Sunday found me in Los Angeles with two of my knitting friends. We were on a quest: Stash Enhancement. We needed yarn. Lots of yarn. We got yarn. Lots of yarn. There was a sale. A really good sale. And Scout saw a TV star: Ron Livingston. (He starred in Office Space--and he'll be in The Time Traveller's Wife!) And I saw his back. Twice.
I've finished sock one in Socks for Cutting Hair. He tried it on and said it was a perfect fit. Oh, boy. Maybe someday sock two will be finished. Not today, though. I've been enamored of my first pair of toe-up socks! The pattern is called Red Dwarf Socks, so I'm calling 'em Beach Dwarf. Mom was having surgery yesterday, so I was knitting while waiting. (So wonderful to have something to pass the time!) I tried the heel twice and got so stuck. So I got online and found the Knitty Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula and it helped me right through the heel. Yay! (Mom's gonna be there a while, so I figure I'll get a lot of knitting done.)
I tried the exercise and knit thing today. I went for a walk and, after about an hour, pulled out my Pride and Prejudice socks. I really was able to get about 4 or 5 rows done. Cool, huh. Of course, I bet I got a few double-takes from the neighbors.

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