Monday, June 22, 2009

What is a Really Good Friend?

I was at a party with the Man of the Place, talking with a bunch of old improv buddies, when the subject of friends came up. "A good friend will help you move; a really good friend will help you move a body," I quipped. This provoked some thoughtful looks. We all started to wonder who our really good friends were. The Man of the Place couldn't help it. "Who would you call if you had to move a body?"
I looked at him. "You," I said. And I would. And this is how the phone call would go:

"Honey (sob), the man at the sewing machine repair shop said he couldn't fix
Molly. (another sob) And I kinda lost it. (pause) I'm gonna need a new
sewing machine... and there's something else..."

But no worries. Molly's fine. She's gonna be working later today. I've been putting off quilting Tiny's latest effort: a Fello Fitty (that's fake Hello Kitty to the Kitty-clueless) masterpiece.

The craziest thing I've done lately is join the 52 Pair Plunge. What's that, you ask? Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Here's the deal:

The Challenge
Knit or crochet 52 pairs of socks in one calendar year (midnight 1 June 2009 - midnight May 31, 2010) Socks may be any pattern, any yarn, any size (baby, child, adult) – leg warmers, knitted boots, slippers, etc. do not count because they are not socks!

And yes WIP’s count! (That's Works In Progress)
Anatomy of a sock: Socks have 3 parts, toes, heels and cuff. Yoga socks, pedicure socks, and tube socks will not count for this years plunge.

Do I honestly think I can knit 52 pairs of socks in one calendar year? Not without being institutionalized with only my knitting needles for company. But it's fun to try. Heck, if I make 12 pairs, I think I'll win (on a personal level). With this in mind, I headed out to Bucky's on the bike with knitting in tow. I stayed there for several hours, nursing my macchiato and listening to podcasts. Oh, and knitting. I really like this subtle basketweave pattern. These socks are for a friend from colder climes, who appreciates hand-knit wool socks. When he saw me knitting, he said, " Can you make me a pair of socks?" I laughed. This was about two or three years ago, when knitting a pair of socks--no, ONE sock--would have taken six months. Now, I'm up for it.

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Jackie said...

I for me that it would be the 5 pair plunge! I can't even begin to imagine doing 1 pair per week.