Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Desperately Seeking Stupid

I have been knitting like a machine on the colorwork portion of this sock. This is the second sock, by the way. There's a reason for this machine-like dedication: every knitting project I've got involves something that I'm usually good at, but sometimes like to avoid:
That's one of the things I like about certain knitting projects: they're brainless. Sure, when I was a novice knitter, it took attention and patience. But now the simple stockinette (just one knit stitch, over and over and over again) holds no challenge. It's like smoking, I think. It gives me something to do with my hands and calms my mind. I can do that while standing in line or watching tv or chatting with a local scientist. This one will get to the brainless part pretty soon, but not soon enough for my taste!
Speaking of progress, I like to keep track of my socks by percentage. I think I was doing it before I found Ravelry, but their personal project pages encourage the practice. This is how I break it down:
  • 10% Cuff (often brainless)
  • 10% Leg (if it's just a sockie with no leg, this is a freebie!)
  • 10% Heel and gusset (where the sock skinnies down)
  • 10% Foot (often brainless)
  • 10% Toe and weaving in ends
  • 50% repeat for other sock

So you Ravelry folk, how do you break it down? I'm curious.Also, I've been helping Tiny with a costume for Comic Con. This pic is really not helpful, but we're calling the style SteamGoth. Maybe she'll let me get more pictures as the project goes along.

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Ann said...

I wasn't really doing percentages before Ravelry.
Sounds like my sock break down is essentially the same, but I don't go into so much detail, I go by quarters.
To the first heel is 25% the first full sock is 50%, to the second heel is 75% . If I'm in Ravelry I'll randomly update the status and then I fall in line with yours.
Those are cool socks you are working on.