Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Opinion Wanted

In the spirit of reduce-->reuse-->recycle, I have decided not to throw out this purse simply because the handle has gone all ratty and is no longer presentable in public. I took off the handles with the aid of my trusty seam ripper and scissors and then went through the stash. As I have nothing that really matches the apricot fabric in the bag itself, I found three fabrics that coordinate well. However, I am having trouble deciding. Should I use this one? We'll call it Swirly-whirly. Or this one? We'll call it Tan Toychest. Or this one? We'll call it Rose Posey.
Further details: the fabric isn't pieced: it's all one banded fabric. The cross-hatching is quilting. The zippers are very dark green. It's French, but I bought it at the mall. (half-price, less than $20, I think.)And there's news of the Prideful and Prejudiced socks: I worked about 5 rows of the toe and had to rip out. Somehow, I decided to go my own way for finishing the toe instead of, oh, reading the instructions. I dislike frogging. It's somehow sad to take out work. Although I have heard it said that frogging is simply part of knitting, expected and meditational in its own way. Pfff.
But I got to it and finished the pair! The toes do indeed match although there's a teensy mistake. But I won't tell if you don't.

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Jolene said...

I vote for swirly whirly for the purse straps! Nice work on the socks.