Wednesday, September 9, 2009

(Glove) War is Hell

Okay. Here's what's going on. I finished these Weapons of Lass Seduction on Saturday and mailed 'em out from the main post office. Oh, my hands were tired. And still are recovering, but I'm raring to go for round two.
Tuesday found me watching the site obsessively, seeing that my package had gone through the sorting facility in Massachusetts and were on their way to their new owner. Finally, Dragonlady (my target) announced she had received her gloves and was happy to die because I had included a Starbucks card. (some people are so easy) This was her cue to send me her unfinished gloves so that I could finish them and send them to her target, Twitch.
However (and here's where it starts to get complicated), Dragonlady had just that day sent her death gloves to Twitch.
Twitch hasn't received them yet, so is still alive. She has killed TGirl in the meantime, who already mailed off her gloves to Jojo.
So Jojo's unfinished gloves will go to Twitch, unless she receives her death gloves from (remember?) Dragonlady. Should this occur in time, Jojo will mail (finally!) the unfinished gloves to me.
My job will be to madly knit these gloves and ship them to Jojo's target (now my target), Mother of Purl. (phew!)

Unless I'm dead.

Confused? Yeah, me too. Happily, I'm not in charge. There's 31 in the game and we play until there is only one knitter left. With cold hands. Poor thing. Nobody finished her gloves.

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