Sunday, September 27, 2009

If You Know Battlestar Galactica...

I've joined a new online knitting game: Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle. There are 6 different "missions" we can go on and score points for our side. Here is my understanding of the missions:
  1. Baltar's girls: make something girly or soft but masculine

  2. Head count: baby things & kid stuff
  3. Ellen & Saul Tigh: selfish or based on Saul--quickies okay

  4. 33 Minutes: Has to use at least 238 yards and a lifeline

  5. Scar: Finish a project that's already started

  6. Roll the Hard Six: Do something that's hard for you and fits the theme. Be creative, projects must be approved.

What happens to these projects? Anything I want. I don't have to mail anything!

I am planning to make a baby sweater so #2 is all set. And I finished my Cherrytini Jubilee socks just today for #5. Honestly, I think I may have just set it aside without that encouragement.

And what side am I on? Turns out I'm a Cylon. Go figure. Here's my project proposal for "Roll the Hard Six." Below is a picture of the project I want to make and my yarn.

Give, give, give. That’s all I ever do. People seem to think that new models
just appear in the tub by some kind of Cylon magic. I wish. And who has to clean
out the goo baths when a new Six finally gets out of the darn thing? Me, that’s
who. And do those red lights fall so beautifully without any effort? No way!
That’s my job too. It’s not like the hybrid is going to pop out with a squirt
bottle of vinegar and a squeegee. And who do think keeps the models looking like
models? White dresses don’t just stay white, my dear.
But someday, somewhere I’m going to get a break. I’ve been promised a new world: a world where I get to be in charge of my own life.
I am so looking forward to this new Earth and giving it my personal signature. There will be trees and strange new plants and people, people that I can enslave and use to my own ends: making me pretty things, like jewelry, pampering me, and telling me how perfect I am. And men, men that I will happily torture with the color pink. Not that I’m evil. I just want to be spoiled in the manner to which I’d like to become accustomed.
To keep me sane while I wait for this idyllic existence to start, I want to take
off the rubber gloves and knit. I will create a pink tree to enclose the pretties I expect to receive. Now, I’m not lazy. I want my skills to grow and improve. To challenge myself, I will try something I’ve never done: being nice. Just kidding. I wouldn’t bother with that. I’ll try making bobbles, raised texture.
And someday, that pink tree won’t be made of yarn. It’ll be real.
And produce pink fruit. From which we will make pink yarn. And I will knit
another pink tree.
But only if there’s consensus. Please agree. You really don’t want a crazy cylon managing the goo supply. Really.

Dani, the Cylon nobody talks about

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Free Range Chick said...

All I can say is that it's fun being a Cylon. You get to throw all of that moral responsibility out the door and all the rest of us love you for it. Hehe.

At least you have a game plan. I'm working on SCAR and hope to knit something for Head Count. Who knows if I'll be able to submit something to Hard Six or not.