Friday, September 11, 2009

Silver Linings

This is the perfect metaphor for today: I had all the wrong letters on my Scrabble rack, but I wasn't going to give up. Now it turns out we're actually playing Monopoly.
  1. Went geocaching. Somehow I screwed up the instructions and wound up in the middle of the street looking for a cache. Oh, well. I got some sun and some exercise. (And some dirt and some sweat.) Good thing: saw a pretty view.
  2. Went to quilting. Good thing: added the final two seams on this top. Bad thing: completely forgot about a quilt I'd agreed to make. Even Applecheeks agrees: it's impossible. We don't know who it's going to--man, woman, or child. We just know he/she will have "special needs." Pretty broad strokes, huh?So this is what I came up with. Here's a sample of what I pulled out of the scrap bins today. I laid it out for you to give an idea of what it'll look like.
  3. Went to pick up Tiny on the other side of town. Realized I had left her medicine at quilting. Gah! You have no idea the permutations I had to go through to commit that blunder. Good thing: she doesn't need it right away.
  4. Came home and had to fly right back out to get Tiny to her rehearsal. Good thing: got to watch a movie with the Man of the Place.
  5. Fussed at the Man of the Place for having the nerve to be present when I couldn't get a pan out of the drawer. (sigh) Good thing: he loves me.
  6. Realized that the sock I had already completed is just too tight and will have to be reknit. Good thing: ... I got nothin'. Maybe you can suggest the good thing.
  7. But here's the good news: Glove Wars, day 8. Still alive.

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