Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dead but Not Completely Lame

News from the Glove War front: our correspondent has gotten too close to the action and taken a direct hit. Not only was there wool, there was chocolate. She died with a smile on her face, in fourth place. Not only were the gloves knitted in black (the hardest color to knit with), they were knit in her favorite lacey pattern.

Turns out I have longer size 2 needles with knots. I no longer have to use too short needles with gum eraser on the ends. Hmm, that stopped sounding innovative and started sounding pathetic. My nighttime brain kicked in (it's smarter than the one I use during the day) and reminded me of an "accidental purchase." I didn't expect to be using these so I stored them a little out of the way. Hurrah for accidents!

More good news: Isabella di Roma, my little Ishbel shawl, is done. I had to start the bind-off three different times. Why? Because I was too tight? No. Because I was completely out of yarn. I found a tutorial to teach you how to bind off in that situation. It looks a little crochet-ey, but don't be scared. It really works. Pay special attention to the instruction that says to knit the last row loosely: I went up three needle sizes! Here is a picture of it while it blocks. I used blocking wires: these stiff wires that you stick into the edges and push out with pins. Worked great. I even wore it today!

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Chiloe said...

I love your tee shirt: you rock in it ;-)