Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time Warp: October 9, 2009

As I have been out of town for a few days, I can't update you daily without using a time machine. Luckily, I built one, so I'll go back a few days and you can hear about my amazing adventure in real time. (Kinda)

Today I drove up to Tehachapi, geocaching all the way! I found one in a cemetary at the grave of Wyatt Earp's mama, and one in a business area. I picked up these guys in San Diego and they were game for a long ride. They posed at the first cache: see below.I got there in time to meet Dr. Gemma (the host of CogKNITive Podcast and the organizer of the fiber goodness about to happen), Elle, and Dimples (not their real names) for group geocaching. We piled into Dimples' car and found 5 caches together. One was magnetized to the bottom of a wheelbarrow and one was tucked under a fence cap like this one: so cool!

Then we went to the hotel to check in and clean up: I was a little dirty from our adventure.

Now the real reason I was in Tehachapi (that's kinda central California) was for the CogKnitive Fiber Retreat: one day of amazing fibery goodness that's already started even though it's really scheduled for tomorrow!

Everyone that we could scrounge got together. I met Tikabelle and her wonderful mom, Swooze. Tika hosts a podcast I love called Gives Good Knit. (Lit and knit--what more could a reading yarnie ask for?) Everyone was so interesting and full of funny stories and good information! We bolted our dinners and flew back to the inn. Why? Knitting time! (and crochet and spinning) A large group got together in the conference room and just enjoyed each others' company. I brought a couple of games, but it was just not neccessary. We told jokes: How many knitters does it take to change a lightbulb? None, I'm just doing stockinette... We shared regional stories: did you know you can't buy yarn on St. John?... We watched demonstrations of differing techniques: the Norwegian purl still freaks me out, but my roommate kicks bee-hind with it. Here's a demo.

Later: I couldn't sleep--never can on my first night away--so I went downstairs and found Tika, Meimei, Red, and JoBaby still laughin' and scratchin'. So I joined 'em and cast on my little lacy scarf. Pretty, huh?It was fun, but now I'm so tired. Good night. Or rather, good morning. My birthday is tomorrow.

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Free Range Chick said...

My DH has done geocaching with the DD. There are actually quite a few within walking distance of our house.