Saturday, December 12, 2009


Every week the Man of the Place gets up early and heads out to the organic farmer's market and picks up fresh produce. I'm not so much into cooking these days, so I love it when I don't have to do much to make it a yummy dish. For example, these green beans just needed to be trimmed and boiled for five minutes. The guacamole just needed to be mooshed up and left alone--my specialty! (not guacamole, leaving the food alone) And the tamales were frozen: all I had to do was put 'em on the steam flower with boiling water and leave 'em alone (see above about my specialty.)
This means I had more time to work on my little Pretty Cylon Baby sweater. Read that as more time to ignore the problem. See how it looked at 1:30 today? Notice anything strange? How 'bout now? Yeah. The sleeves are two different lengths. (sigh) Now I have to find someone with a hump to give it to.
Or I could, you know, fix it.

Snagafrabadeekalabafooey. (This is the sound of me grumbling, in case you were going for the urban dictionary.)

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Christine in Knevada said...

For the baby sweater, all you need to do is find a baby with arms of two different lengths. How hard is that really? ;-) ~C.