Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Big Tidy-Up

When I was a girl, my mom bought me a book. I'm not sure if she thought it was funny or just a very strong message. It's called The Big Tidy Up. It's about a little girl with a very very very messy room. I vaguely remember something about a lollipop stuck to her bathrobe. Ennywho, things get worse and worse until she finally decides to tidy up. Guess where all this is leading? Yup! A big tidy-up of my own. Yes, the studio has gotten out of control so I took matters into my own hands (as though somebody else has been sneaking in messing up the room!). No, it's not particularly dirty--although there was some dust--but no lollipops stuck to my sewing machine. Just piles and piles of piles and piles. I took it all out and into the living room. (Sorry, Honey.) There I organized it. One section of the room for the yarn, one for the fabric, and a long table for everything else. Once I got the fabric and yarn out of the mix, everything else fell into place. Books went on a shelf (go figure!), receipts went into a designated sorting box, patterns got filed, and stuff got put away! It feels great. I'm still not totally done: gotta sort out the yarn still and put away the fabric but even some of that has happened.

...and in creative news
Check out my Mumy Bear. It's another bear for the Mother Bear Project. I made it to look like Bill Mumy who played Will Robinson in the classic sci-fi series, Lost in Space. (You know, "Danger, Will Robinson!")
And a small disclaimer: I know there's a smudge on the picture. My lens is scratched. The good news is that the carpet I used for my background is clean.

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