Monday, March 8, 2010

Bead Archaeology

In the spirit of finishing things, I thought I'd do a little personal archaeology. I used to do a LOT of beadwork, and when I say a LOT, I mean it! I took classes, taught classes, and wrote articles. I was in a Master Class that went over a year. I'm trying not to be all braggy--I just want you to get where I'm coming from.
Now, you know I have plenty of unfinished projects if you've ever looked at the "Way Too Many Projects" sidebar. This has only included one bead project to date. That doesn't mean I don't have any others in the works. Hardly. If you look at the sidebar sometime after today's entry, you'll see it bloom with beadwork projects.
Inspired by my Goofy Bear Button Bracelet finish, I dug into the small portion of beads I keep in my studio (my bead stash is overwhelming, which is why I moved it offsite) and unearthed several UnFinished Objects (UFOs).Blue Skies This bracelet is made from 15/0 beads, bugles, and actual antique beads--probably Victorian era. It only needs a loop closure and to weave in the ends. I think I got hung up because the beads are so delicate that I was afraid none of the beads I used would hold up to closure duty. Fair enough. I'll use larger beads for the loop and a lot of thread. Better that it be, oh, what's that word? Done, yeah. That's the word.White Lotus Neckpouch I probably started this ten (eep!) years ago. It's inspired by ancient Egypt and made from Japanese cylinder beads. The color came out weird, but the background is actually snowy white.To continue the theme, I charted out the all-seeing eye of Ra for the back. Yeah, I know it's slightly creepy, but it's the back. And it hangs over the heart, so Ra is symbolically looking into your heart. Okay, that just made it creepier. Never mind. Just trust me, it's gonna be cool. If it ever gets done.Celebration of Spring Necklace These beaded beads are the start of a necklace designed by NanC Meinhart. The pattern is Deneen's Necklace. It, too, is made of Japanese cylinder beads. I've made several and sold 'em. It's a fun little guy. I could easily pick this one back up.

Autumn Incarnate Bottle And then we have this little guy. When it jumped out of the project box yesterday, it only had a few rows of beads around the neck. Yet somehow, when I went to take its picture this morning, it had grown a net of Japanese 15/0 beads across it's belly and bottom, Austrian crystal margaritas (those flower things), and Czech glass leaves. All it wants is a necklace to finish it up. The pattern is Itty Bitty Beaded Bottle, and I wrote it. (Yes, I can make it available.)

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Meari said...

Yep, you have a lot of unfinished beading to get done. Good luck with it!