Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hoard No More

Have you ever watched that show, Hoarders? It's about people who have allowed stuff to rule their lives. They have so much stuff that it affects their ability to live normally. Police and psychologists are called in--it's really extreme. Do you know why we watch shows like that? To make us get rid of stuff. I watched an episode just the other day and it worked. I looked at the overabundance of fabric scraps I had and immediately posted on Freecycle. OFFERED: Grocery Bag of Quilt Scraps. Yup. Before I even went through my stash. Then I started in on it. I wound up with not one, but FOUR bags of scraps. I sent 'em off with four different responders to my ad. Oh, I still have plenty of scraps. Don't get me wrong. But now they FIT in the boxes.


Jasmin said...

Thanks to Hoarders, my house is purged on a weekly basis. It's amazing how you can just say "Nope, don't want it" after watching just one episode.

Rainy Daisy said...

tee hee! Good idea. And good for you! It can be hard to get rid of bits and pieces that had, at some point, won your heart.

I haven't seen hoarders (grad school and cable bills don't cooperate), but I've heard it's a fantastic show. I try to purge every so often anyway, but I'm afraid I still have a lot of junk. Boo.