Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The UnBrangelina Hat is running out of yarn. I've knit all the knitting, but the bind-off will take some creativity. I'm going to try the No-Yarn Bind-Off, as detailed by the Yarn Harlot. It's going to be extra challenging, as I intend to keep my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.Let me introduce one of my favorite tools. It's called the Triangle Square Up Ruler and it rocks. I don't use it enough, but when I do, it produces near-perfect half-square triangles. (I don't know why they call 'em that: it's really a square made of two triangles, but it's not like they had me on speed dial when they made up the term. I think I would have suggested a squiangle.) Here's how I use it.
  1. First you gotta make a half square triangle. (There are 20 tutorials online for doing this. Pick one you like.) But be smart and make it too big. That'll give you room to fix it. Then put the TSU Ruler on top. It's got lines for whatever size block you want from 1" to 6.5". Find that line and scoot it over your block until it matches with your diagonal seam. My block is 4.5". (Sorry for blurry.)
  2. Hold down the ruler and cut off whatever sticks out. In this case it's the dark blue edges.
  3. Flip around your square and replace the TSU Ruler with the same line on the diagonal seam.
  4. Cut off whatever sticks out--now it's the cream fabric.
  5. Admire your near-perfect half square triangle, or squiangle, if you prefer.
  6. Make 674 more and assemble into a lovely king-size quilt. Ice your hand.

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Meari said...

I wondered what the diagonal lines were on my square ruler, lol. Thanks!