Friday, May 7, 2010

Stashy the Squirrel

Something's happening at Brooklyn General Store. Seems they've knitted a tree, but it's empty. They want squirrels. The squirrels will be in a contest and the winners will receive gift certificates for their creators. Let's examine this.
  1. Make something silly.
  2. Be part of a game.
  3. Have a time element--deadline May 15.
  4. Chance of prize. (Not saying a huge chance--I once got a third place award in a contest for which I had the only entry. True story.)

Yeah, I'm in! Stashy will be hitting the road tomorrow morning on his way across the country. (I guess he'll be a flying squirrel!) Photo of Stashy helping with the tail part of the knitting, while he still had temporary eyes. That's right, he's got skilz! I'm calling him Stashy 'cause he's made entirely from stuff I already had... except the pipecleaner I boosted from church. Yeah, real illicit. I had three members of the staff poking through cupboards for me. Seems nobody wanted to see Stashy with a limp tail.

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