Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finished the Gorgeous Butt(e) socks and I'm wearin' 'em right now. They are so pretty the picture can't show how much I like them. So trust me. I like them! (I'd say I LOVE them but I can't bring myself to love things. It's people I love. Okay, maybe the planet, but people mostly. And really good cheese.)
It has come to my (somewhat foggy) attention that I have SIX official followers. May I make a little announcement to all six? I adore you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. It may be the afterglow of a family party. Or the ice cream. Or that delightful glass of red wine... but really, I think it's you. You took a moment to push a few buttons and declare yourselves. Squee! (That's the--albeit short--musical accompaniment of the happy dance.)
And to those who are unoffical followers, I love you too. Just differently. Unofficially.
No, really. It was only one glass. Well, it was a big glass...
Ahem. Since I hurt my hands, I have had to step back a bit from, oh everything, but yesterday I couldn't help myself, I had to finish up some zipper pouches. I completed five. My hands ached from the ironing so I have taken myself off ironing duty for at least two days. That means no sewing, too. That means this pile of unironed laundry is actually a symbol of me taking care of myself. So there! (Hmm, think I could blow off cooking duty too?)So today I took all five pouches to my knitting group, sold three, and came home. Then I took pictures. Dur. That means I have... only... two to show you. Again I say, dur. But here they are. This one is the same front and back: And this one has a little variety. Front... ...and back.

I have two more pouches planned with these fairy tale panels--they're all pinned and everything but... no sewing for TWO DAYS! At least.

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