Monday, August 16, 2010

Bask in my Imperfection

I wanted to show you that I finished the Caribbean Sunday Market Shawl. Notice anything strange? No? You must be lying on your side, then. That's right, I forgot to turn the photo around. The good thing about this pattern is: I used the entire skein. No leftovers. The bad thing: it squinched right up after I blocked it and is really scarf--not shawl--sized.... so it's a Market Scarf. Yeah. I meant to do that.And this is my Pouchy Pouch-Pouch. I started it during Comic Con as a mindless project, but finished it as a challenge. The idea was to use up the entire skein of raffia (Yes, raffia! I have no idea why I bought it.) yarn. So I added the tassels on the ends of the drawstring, I made a strap, and I got one of my crocheting pals to talk me through a pretty edging. And if you say it looks like it's lying on a scrunched-up feather boa.......I have no idea what you're talking about.
And I'm changing the subject. Nice weather we're having, huh? Yeah, I know. I talked about that last time. Small talk has never been my strong suit.

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