Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paula Poundstone Touched My Knitting!

Okay, I know you can't see my knitting, but see those two little sticks in her hands? Those are the tiny size #1 needles attached to the Slayer Sox. If you look below, you can pretend these images are continuous. See, her hands... and the sock. You say the sock is as big as Paula's torso? Um... Tiny's got really big feet. Yeah.
The story is we had tickets to Paula's show on Saturday. Irresponsible parents that we are, the Man of the Place and I thought Tiny would still be away at camp that night. Oops. AND, she called us to pick her up early because she was sick. She's gotta be REALLY sick to miss out on the bus ride. Double oops. So we drove up to Julian, picked her up, and had drinks at the coffee place (no, it was her idea!). That's where I took out my beautiful Kaylee-nomah shawlette and draped it artistically on a vine. Here's the detail shot.
Once we got home, we did what we could for our feverish child and took off for our evening of fun. Small feeling of guilt? Yes, but
  1. it's important to spend time with each other outside of the house.
  2. she prefers to be left ALONE (her caps, not mine) upon returning from camp. Teenagers.
Poor baby.
And Paula? She was so funny! I think she's gotta be my favorite comedienne. Especially since she has two teenagers herself.

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