Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wha Happa?

That's "What happened?" as heard by most dentists. Go ahead. Open your mouth wide, stick at least four fingers in, and try to say it. If you can understand it, you're probably in the dental profession. (Free-Range, I'm talking to you!)
Anyway, my thoughts were that I would probably put down the knitting needles and pick up something else once I had completed the long, long shrug for Tiny. Nope! I yanked this ball of yummyness (That's a word. Look it up.) out of the stash and started on Wendy D. Johnson's Hearts and Flowers Toe-Up Sock. I could barely stop myself to eat. It's wonderful! Perhaps it's because I don't have to do it. There's no assignment, no deadline, nobody but me waiting for 'em. But that's not like me. I do well with assignments, deadlines, people waiting... Hmm, maybe I'm possessed. That'd be cool. Possessed by a ghost that knits socks. So I've been working on this for just three days and I've already completed the heel!
Or perhaps.... somebody else has been working on this for just three days and already completed the heel.... Ooooweeeooooohhhh...


Lisa L said...

Awesome job on those socks! Isn't it great when they just seem to jump off the needles??? ;-)

Free Range Chick said...

I beg to differ. In dentistry we try our darnest to make sure a patient never has to ask "wha happa?" Unless of course we are talking about one of my crazy, out-of-office antics.

I love that you enjoy knitting these socks so much that they are flying off the needles.