Friday, February 4, 2011

How Many Socks Make a Pair?

Guess who got a job! A real-life, paying job! With a pay check! And a schedule! And a boss! You got it right--Me! After being the lady of the manor for almost two decades, I've returned to the work place. (And loving it!)
Which is why I haven't been blogging that much or knitting that much or quilting that much or really, much of anything besides learning, absorbing, thinking, counting, redisplaying, cleaning and then when I get home: zombie. Not the brain-eating rotting-right-before-your-eyes kinda zombie, more the sit down and stare blankly kinda zombie.
But since you've been so patient and read so far, let me show you the Rockin' Pixie socks in progress. Notice anything strange? Does one look a little smaller than the other? Yeah, it turns out that when knitting, there's this thing called guage.
Guage (n) the number of stitches per inch in a sample of knitting with one type
of yarn, a particular needle, and a particular knitter. Note that the knitter's
guage can change with experience, mood, temperature, chocolate, and massage. It
is recommended for almost any pattern that the knitter "get guage" before
beginning. But most of us just skip it.
Sideways socks do not respond well to "skipping it". Instead of just stretching a bit around the leg (if knit too small) or being slightly fluffy (if knit too big), the sock is just too long. And not, oh-I-can-fudge-it too long, like 2-3 inches too long.
So I'm having to make three socks. So the answer to our question is three. Three socks make a pair. sigh


Lisa L said...

Three socks - my oh my oh my. But something I would totally do!

Free Range Chick said...

Congratulations on the new job.

That stinks about the socks. Sounds like something I would do. I found a while ago I had to gauge for socks because of my narrow feet. Now I only knit socks that cast on 60 stitches and I use US1 needles because I know my gauge for that.