Friday, August 31, 2007

Scrappy Tops Done!

Good news! My camera and my computer have kissed and made up. Their little tiff has kept me from blogging. Here's a picture of Jingle Bell Christmas Tree Farm. I've been playing with it lately so the next picture will show some progress. The pattern calls for fancy-shmancy overdyed silk threads and specialty stitches and beads, too. Fun stuff!

And in other news:

Tripping Out quilt top (for Vince) is done--yay! The detail picture shows the border fabric which I used for inspiration. The back will have travel fabric as the cross, a deep orangey sashing, and a denim-blue background.

quilt top is done, too. See? I found the corners. (There are still 3 of those units left--the scrapper in me needs to find a home for them.) Valerie keeps teasing and telling me it's too bad my quilts have such muted colors. What do you think?

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