Friday, October 5, 2007

An Amazing Gift

Last week, Therese decided to blow my mind and surprise me with a quilt top. She said that this scrappy version of this was my idea so she was giving it to me. THANK YOU!!!! I get to do whatever I want with it.... I am completely blown away. It's hard to make me speechless, but she did it! I was in such a state I couldn't accept that it was real until today, a week later!
It's a large lap-size quilt. I love it! (And I've got fabric in the stash to back it--woo-hoo!)

Below you'll see some fabrics that I think are muted. I want to use thiem in that muted fabric block swap I mentioned in my last post. But I don't know... do these seem muted to the general public? Each seems to have a grey or brown undertone. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Re the question on the 2 sets of fabrics - 2nd set seems muted. First set - no, not muted. Absolutely NOT muted!!! Hope this vote helps. I love the tops above! VB