Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cut it Up Thursday

Scrapbuster Alert! Cut it Up Thursday led to 30 blocks being made! The swap calls for Double 4-Patch blocks made with cream and muted colors. I'm not much for the muties, but I did have a few in my scraps. So chop, chop! I had a rough day yesterday and spent the mental part of today processing while my fingers did the walking...or the quilting!

I think I'll keep my 10 faves and send the other 20 in. Then I'll get 20 new ones from quilters all over the country! Fun 'n' games! The deadline's not for a while yet--Nov 12--maybe I'll make more!

I also had a chat with one of my very besties, Dawn. She's so good at keeping it real. And the best mom around! While on the phone, not only did I start the cutting, I sorted my "Unsorted Scraps" box. Now they're all in the right places: Light, Medium, Dark, and Bright.

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