Monday, October 1, 2007

Cleaning Day!

Stashbuster sets reminders for each day of the week. Today was Clear a Surface--have they been looking in my studio?

And I was supposed to report if I found anything good.
  1. 5 cents
  2. 2 receipts dated from 2003
  3. A ticket into the Vatican and one into Disneyland Paris
  4. Nothing alive, thank God!


Nicole and Phil said...

Did you sort through everything and put it all away....or did yu sweep it all in to a box that can be hidden under the table! ;)
( running quickly away before you throw something at me for being cheeky!)
Well done....I think you did a great job!!

Desi said...

No, I really did put everything away, careful not to just set it on another horizontal surface. Amazing to realize how much stuff belonged in the bins by the side of the house!