Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Kitty Firetail

"How lucky we are as quilters to have found that special something that we love to do." Nadine Ruggles, Driven to Quilt podcast.

Once I find a pattern I like, it's hard for me to abandon it. I want to play with it, improve it, experiment with color, and ultimately share it with others. That is so true with Disappearing Nine-Patch! Not only is it easy, it's so versatile. I chose to make this top with 6" squares instead of strips, so I could scrap it up. Of course it took longer that way, but I'm okay with that. I only had bits of this scissor fabric and I used every 6" square I could make! (So there's no more left; don't go looking!) Check out the Happy Kitty Firetail fabric I used for the outer border. There's just enough left for the back. I think it's a great way to use up a (ahem!) challenging fabric.I can't quite figure out a name for it, though. It harkens back to the early 60's, I think: Doris Day and Tupperware, kitchens of the future and hostess aprons. It also makes me think of Jordan almonds.

Last night I had so much fun! I got together with old improv buddies in an alumni night. I laughed so hard--we admired new babies and babies under construction--we joked around about each other's misfortunes: the blind dog who loves to run, the dog with boxing gloves, the self-composting redwood fence--we sang about the lack of good chocolate (always a crisis)--and talked for hours about things I only peripherally understood. I loved every minute!

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