Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleeping with the Fishes

That's the unofficial title of this quilt. The official title is "Swimming in Circles." To the right are the three main fabrics. There's also a mottled dark teal I used for the inner border. This is another Disappearing Nine-Patch pattern. I was going through my fabrics and found a few that wanted to be used. This poppy-red fabric screamed to be let out. Then the circles (which I purchsed in Columbus) wanted to play, too. The fish fabric has been sitting out, catching my eye for so long. Since both had the poppy color, how could I say no? When I was done, there was enough yardage left in the poppy to make the back. Stashbuster Alert! I used up all of these fabrics for this quilt--a total of five yards. I also dug into the scrap bin to put some stuff together for the back. If I finish that, I'll show ya!

Step by Step

Seaming the 6" panels together
Making the Nine-Patch Units
Cutting Up into Quarters (trickier than it looks)
Flipping the Quarters
Making the Block


Marilyn R said...

Thanks for sharing the step by step photos for the Disappearing Nine-Patch! I need to make one!

The Silver Thistle said...

Very cool! Those fabrics are perfect together. I haven't really got an 'eye' for what goes together fabric-wise yet......but I'm working on it ;)

I have a good eye for colour in most other stuff (modest? Moi?) but with fabrics I can't really see the tones or the shades properly yet to make good matches.

I keep following the cool quilty ladies blogs though, *wink*, and hopefully some of their 'eye's' will rub off onto me....

Ewwww, that sounds graphic. But you see where I'm going with it....