Monday, January 14, 2008

Symptoms of Something Scary

How sick am I? Well, I just folded all the clean rags and put them away. That seems pretty weird. Normally, they just get stuffed into the rag drawer or a box in the garage. It made my husband laugh when he went to get a rag. Of course, ruffling through them to find the right size kind of ensured that the folding was a moot point.I pulled out the Oriental Lanterns quilt and finished the medallion. It's so long (90") I have to scrap (ha-ha!) my original border plans and just put a simple 2.5" border around. Then I'll add some more Asian fan fabric to the sides to widen it. My DD has a twin bed so this will look just peachy!


Lili said...

Yes, folding rags is a crazy thing to do... Lol!!!
Seriously, I LOVE your new quilt! It's amazing!
Take care, Desi,

The Silver Thistle said...

Folding rags? How sick are you? lol. It takes me all day to build up the energy to fold laundry, let alone rags, ahahahah.

Such a pretty quilt though, that must have cheered you and made you feel better. It's beautiful.