Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things to Do While You're Sick

1. Balance the checkbook
2. Eat crackers
3. Put away the Christmas decor--s-l-o-w-l-y
4. Take a walk. A short walk
5. Finish up cross-stitch projects, even if you're not mad about them anymore
6. Wait for someone to come home and make soup
7. Finish reading books that you began a while ago and don't really remember how they went but don't want to start over
8. Leave messages on friends' answering machines

If this is my checklist, I can say with certainty that I've done it all. While it's nice not being expected to cook, being barred from the kitchen for fear of spreading germs is a little weird.
As you can see, I've finished--and hung!--my country heart project. It's not really my style, but it's up high enough that it looks nice without taking over.

And Sturbridge is moving right along. Excluding the very simple border, I can say that I've finished 2/3 of the piece. That is, I've completed 4 of the 6 pages in the pattern. And I'm not stoppin'! In fact, when I finish this, I'm heading back to it. I really like the church. I had to substitute in another color when I didn't like ecru, but I managed. It reminds me of the serenity I felt when last I entered that little church. It may be part of a museum now, but it's still a good place to pray!


Dorothy said...

Oh I love it! I went looking back for more Sturbridge pictures the other day when you posted the winter cross stitch. I'm so glad you're still loving it! That church is a sweet place, and I think I recognize the sandy area where my kids placed stick and hoop when we were there a few years ago. :o) Can't wait to see more.

Lili said...

Nice finish on the hearts (Gee! Awful patterns to read indeed! But I love the result).
Sturbridge is a beautiful wip! I'd never seen it before...