Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad Yarn

Hey, Kids! A little warning: don't buy this yarn! It splits really easily. I couldn't even finish casting on with it. I plan to return it as soon as I can get down to the store. I want to make the blanket from the novel The Store on Blossom Street. In support of small business, I've tried two of my local yarn shops (LYS) , but I think I'll have to go to the superstore and buy acrylic. Boo. Warm Water Wash is progressing nicely--it's almost all I did yesterday! Tomorrow I get to go to the cross-stitch store and I can look for something appropriate to make the sun look good. Also, I can start on the Bent Creek SAL, God willing.
Consarn it, I suppose it's time to set some goals! By the end of February, I want to
  1. Finish the pink & blue flannel quilt
  2. Bind Kiwi Twist
  3. Start Bent Creek SAL and finish 1 element

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