Sunday, February 10, 2008


Warm Water Wash is proceeding with alacrity--I suppose that's due to
  1. a big headache (but it will be over)
  2. the desire to avoid stress. I love my DD, but raising a teenager (and being one, if I recall correctly) is like walking into a haunted house at the fair: you never know what icky thing is going to jump out at you but you're sure something will any minute and you won't like it. To carry the analogy further, you know that it will end, and approximately when. Further, it's pricier than it should be.
The flosses I've pictured are the ones suggested to create the sun. However, the dye lot is quite different than the one in the picture supplied--I'll have to make some changes. Bwah-ha-ha! The mad scientist emerges from her psyche...

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