Friday, February 8, 2008

Washing Liberty?

As you can see, I've started Warm Water Wash. These threads are a bit tricky to work with. I want to preserve the striations that come from the deliberate unevenness of hand-dying so each stitch must be completed on its own rather than running a row in halves then coming back over it. Some of the color runs show variety better than others. Also, this one is another that requires good lighting. I can only sit in Starbucks so long to sew! Longer if I can get a window.
Also, Liberty Bears is showing some personality. I decided to focus on the bears so they can keep me company. Their names are Troy and Zelda. This one is huge count--I don't know, maybe 7 stitches to the inch! Sometimes that gives a simple piece a more primitive feel and, as the fabric looks almost like natural burlap, that seems appropriate. Happily, it doesn't require great lighting!

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