Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Naked Stranger!

Yes, there was a naked man in my front yard yesterday! Okay, so he was only temporarily naked and he was really in the street in front of my house. But still, he was nekkid! I think he was changing from being at the beach because I think I saw a wetsuit but, cheese louise! We live a good ten or fifteen minutes away! Isn't there a men's room between here and there?

On the knitting front: the baby blanket now has three blocks and I found a picture of someone else's finished blanket. Cute huh?

Also, I made a quilt top I'm calling Leapfrog. As we'll be off to Texas this coming Saturday, I may have very little chance to blog. Golly, I hope my camera comes today. Then I can show y'all what I'm up to! See how I added that y'all right in, like a real Texan? Shoot, I don't really speak the lingo but I'll give it a Yankee try!


Nicole and Phil said...

not nice to look out your window to see that view! I bet he wasn't even nice looking! bleh!!
good luck with the baby blanket...hope those needles will be knitting fast in time for when the baby arrives!

Paula said...

Texas??? If you're in Houston, I've got a list of great quilt shops to share with you!!!