Friday, April 25, 2008

The Boy

Here's the back for the larger Christmas quilt. For now, I'm calling it "The Boy." As you can see, the back is scrappy, too. Every single piece of fabric in this quilt was free! Neat, huh?
I decided to machine quilt it, but not bind it. I just sewed the "quilt sandwich" and "birthed it." (For you non-quilters, that means sewing the batting, back, and front together and then turning it right-side out, so that the batting is inside.)
Even the batting was free: leftover white felt from another project! I used two layers because one was just too thin.

What's this? Are there hundreds of colorful bugs eating away at my lovely quilt? Nope. These are safety pins with handles! I bought the handles and gave them and the tool to my DD, who happily attached them all for me. (But don't ask her to do more unless you're willing to pay--she's gotten wise to me!)
I have decided to use this quilt to experiment with pattern quilting. I drew a simple flower pattern on each block and will take it to the machine. Eep! I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. The markings should come off with water.

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