Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good News

Yes! I finished the Old Sturbridge Village cross-stitch. Putting those two borders on took so long for something so simple. I worked on it in Texas and I worked on it with the Girl Scout Sewing Circle. But it's finished! Finished! Ooh, that's a fun word to type.

Now it gets to sit in my drawer until I can get it to the framers. I refuse to sign it until just before that happens. (Sometimes things wait a while.)
In other news, I got my confirmation for the Long Beach International Quilt Festival. I am taking two classes and I get to be the teacher's pet (tee-hee!) for one of them! (That means I pick up supplies and help at the door and stuff.) Also, I found a hotel two miles away for $80/night less! I could have gotten a room on the Queen Mary and I was tempted, (talk about history!) but TripAdvisor said the beds were terrible--maybe they're historic.

If you come and play, let me know!

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