Friday, April 11, 2008

Kiwi Twist is Finished!

Kiwi Twist is FINISHED! Hip-hip-hooray! I FINALLY got the binding on. The same night I put the label on ("It's not finished until it's labeled!") and I'm so glad. I put it right on the bed. DH came and looked and was amazed by the quilting. Yes, Yuki, the quilt diva rocks!

Next news: I'm awarding myself yet another round tuit for getting out the batik and cream Jacob's ladder swap blocks and sewing them into a top. I just love the way they all set together, like facets in a jewel. I think that one-third of the blocks I made. The rest I sent out my blocks and received others in trade. Also, (stashbuster alert!) I pulled out five yards of fabric from my stash and put it together to create the back. There's an adorable fabric featured, but you'll just have to wait until I get it back from Yuki to see it!
You have GOT to see the new sewing machine: the short arm quilter! Take a look, even if you don't sew at all!

Finally, the red thread lives. These little kites are the March installment. I'm working on April. Perhaps I'll have it done tomorrow. You never know!
PS: Please lift up a prayer for the safety of Emily. Thanks!


creativedawn said...

TWISTED! Fabulous, and I just love the name.... Can I just come and shop in your stash store....those are some lovely prints....and the quilting is awesome....great job

Nicole and Phil said...

great quilt.....good to see it all finished!

Lissa Jane said...

I love this quilt and congrats on a finish! Your cross stitch is beautiful too!