Monday, April 7, 2008

Readin' and Knittin' and Stitchin'

Okay, Kids, I'm still working on that border for Kiwi Twist. I sit down and set a timer for 20 minutes. I've still got one side and one corner left. So it's moving along. I hope to have it done this week. Maybe I'll even make a label. Ol' Molly is sitting idle, waiting for me to do some more machine work!

The baby blanket is also moving along. I just measured and it's 14" long. That's about 1/3 done. I actually took it to the movies and knitted in the dark, slowly but without mistakes. No mistakes that I could find, anyway.

I thought I'd let you know about this fun site I've been going to: Paperback Swap. It works on a credit system. Each credit is good for one book. I got a credit for posting my first 10 books. I get a credit for each book I send out. (I've sent out over 30 books!) AND, if YOU sign up, using my link, I'll get another credit. Even if you forget to credit me, I still think it's a cool system and I'd love to have you enjoy it too. And if the book you want isn't currently available, there's even a wishlist--they'll contact you when it shows up in the system. If you're interested, there's a link under my photo.

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