Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Latest Creative Endeavors

Miss Mousie is done! Well, the top is anyway. Jan is making the back, Therese will put it together, and soon the quilt will be done completely. It's so nice being part of a team!I've been making Mile-a-Minute blocks like crazy. I can't seem to stop! I set up an ironing station in the bathroom because of the heat. I'm using my Little Darlin' in its special table. It's quieter and I've been sewing when everyone's asleep.Also, it was Crazy Hair Day at my DD's school. Last year I turned her into a peacock and this year, well, she was delicious! The hardest part was turning her hair into noodles!Also, I've been writing a part in the Treks in Sci-Fi RPG. It's so much fun! I came up with a character that's a scientist on a Starship. I finally get to write fiction again. And I'm not half bad, if I do say so myself!


Chiloe said...

I love the little stitching ;)

YOur DD's hair is really good ;)

sophie said...

Love the do and those mile-a-minute blocks are fantastic. I say keep stitching!!