Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stash Busted!

So I had jury duty this week and last. It kind of ate into my creative time, if you know what I mean. It's not like they encourage knitting in the jury box. Our bailiff made sure we understood that right off the bat. It was a civil case, threatening to last six weeks. Yes, I said six weeks! Ai! Happily, they settled, freeing seventeen civilians back to their various pursuits.

Me, I got into my fabric stash and sorted it out. Things had gotten a bit out of hand, fabric falling on me when I went to get something out of a box, loose quilt blocks flapping around... not a pretty sight. There are still a few fat quarter bundles that need a new box, but I'm working on it. But this is how things look now:

I decided that I don't really like working on flannel, so I emptied my flannel box (incidentally making room for another multicolor box) and made kits: two Stitched Scraps, one bright, one muted; and four Disappearing Nine-Patch--and these even have the backs ready to go! And all that's left is shreds and... a few scraps which I'll put up on Freecycle later! Yay!


Chiloe said...

Great work organizing ;)

Candace said...

Glad they settled. Looks like you got a lot done. You may not like working with flannel, but those are going to be really pretty and cuddly.

Colene said...

That's a great idea to make up kits for yourself.