Thursday, September 18, 2008

Darn Socks!

These are the first socks I ever knitted. I made 'em for myself and enjoyed 'em. In fact, I walked right through 'em. Now and then I'd see 'em and say, "Oh, I have to fix those," and then put 'em away. At other times, I'd find the leftover yarn and say, "Oh, I could use this to fix those socks. Now, where did I put 'em?" and put the yarn away. But in a synchronicity that must have had something to do with this debillitating cold, the yarn and the socks appeared at the same time! So I googled "how to darn a sock" and found a very helpful video on You-Tube. Did I darn sock no. 1? Yes, indeedy, I did! It went along quite quickly. But, as I had plenty of leftover yarn, I decided to try my original idea and unknit sock no. 2 past the hole and reknit it. That way I could see and feel the difference. I did so, taking about four times as long.

Then came the test. I walked in 'em. And what did I say? "Darn!" Sock no. 1, aka "the darned sock" bothered me: pushed right up against my foot and told me it had been worked on. So I gave it the same treatment as sock no. 2. Now they match.
Here's what I'm hoping: that the darning wouldn't be as much as a problem with actual sock weight yarns rather that this thick worsted weight that these socks are made from. I'm not giving up yet.

Next: check out these darling fingerless mitts! The pattern's not hard and they are flying off my needles! Not only that, they're one skein wonders! (And boy, do I have a lot of orphan skeins!)
Stashbuster Alert: I'm using yarn I already have! This is Classic Elite Fame: a combination of rayon and silk. Somebody on Ravelry used it to make these sweethearts already, so I just kinda followed her lead.


Krissy said...

Good to know about the socks. I have a lot of pairs and am dreading the day I have to fix one.

Linda said...

Ugh - you so make me wish that I knew how to knit!! LOL Great job! My kids want me to learn to knit as they love the fingerless mittens! Wonder if I can just sew them some out of fleece! LOL
Great job!!