Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Few Thoughts on Family

Here's the Red Herring Purse in progress. I got together with my knitting group--my first outing with friends for TWO LONELY WEEKS! I had a cold and I try not to spread these things. Anyway--no more grousing--I had a lovely time. We had a long talk about family and I still feel like I'm the lucky one.

Sure, there are bad times, especially when the teenage years are involved, but all in all... Well, I have fun going to the cemetary with my mom. Even when I'm grouchy. Or climbing the unbelievably steep hill to get pears with my dad. Or making jello with my aunt. Or helping my sister-in-law with her final preparations.

Perhaps it comes down to laughter. If you can laugh, how bad can things be? If there is laughter, joyful, real laughter, perhaps there has to be love. In my family, anyway.

close-up of the Herringbone Stitch (for some reason, it came out orange in this photo!)

"You can pick your friends, but your family, well, you're stuck with your family!" --Mike Warnacky (I think)

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